Second SAFA Visit

Today was my second visit to the Brooklyn Historical Society. What was different from the visit last week, was the fact that we were able to take a look at all of the documents that were discussed last week. I did not get much information from the other documents last week, with seeing them first … More Second SAFA Visit

First Site Visit

This was my first ever visit to the Brooklyn Historical Society, and what really caught my attention was the library and how beautiful and historic it looked. I really found it interesting, to take a look at the documents from Brooklyn’s past. Based upon what was presented to me at the museum, I know now … More First Site Visit

Archive Visit

This will be my first visit to the Brooklyn Historical Society and I am really looking forward to it. From what I heard, the museum contains some very old artifacts and history surrounding Brooklyn. I feel that learning about Brooklyn’s past, is going to be really helpful due to the fact that we all go … More Archive Visit

Extra Credit Post

I found the film this film to be very interesting. It was inspiring to hear the stories about the three women, who survived and were able to tell their stories of being raped. I felt my heart stop once I heard that one of the girls, was raped by her own grandfather at a very … More Extra Credit Post