Creating A Story Using Adobe Stark Page

Over the Thanksgiving break, I was assigned to recreate a story from a well-known fairytale. To recreate the story we had to use Adobe Stark Page. The online software was very easy to use and simple to understand. It was very easy to upload photos from my computer as well as adding a button at the end of the page to my blog. So with that I recreated Beauty and The Beast, it is a story about them going to see The Lion King on Broadway. The images consist of their travels on the subway and arriving at the theater. Please check it out.

I needed to create my images using any photo editing software of my choice. So I chose to use Photoshop. I feel Photoshop is very easy to use mainly because I am very used to its features and knowing where everything is. However, the most difficult part of editing these photos was using the quick selection tool. Some parts were added to the photo in which I did not want in the cutout. I then needed to go in and erase the excess of the image.

All in all, I enjoyed doing this project being able to recreate a story from my childhood and putting my own twist on it. I enjoyed using Photoshop to create these edits because of its ease of use and simplicity. I do enjoy using the Adobe Stark apps, these apps are very easy to use and can be used to create some very cool things.

Beauty and The Beast


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