Using Adobe Spark Video

Recently I was given an assignment in my Multimedia class to use Adobe Spark to create a video on the theme of food. I could have shared a recipe on food I love, a trip to the grocery store, or ordering from my favorite place to eat. The only bad thing was that I do not cook. On top of that, my hand has never touched a cooking pot or an oven for that matter. So I decided to do it on a sandwich that I like to order from Subway, the Steak, and Cheese. It was just fitting that I had to work late this past Wednesday and needed to eat dinner near my job. It was the perfect opportunity to go to Subway and order my favorite sub.

I have completed the video it is posted on this blog, and would just like to tell you about my experience using Adobe Spark Video. Overall the software is relatively easy to use and does not require technical skills to master. I did, however, feel that the online software does tend to have a lag when using it. There would be a couple of times where the program would freeze and hang for several seconds even up to two minutes. That was the only part of the software that needs improvement. Everything else was good and easy to use.

To wrap things up I enjoyed using the software for this little project. It  made my experience come alive, and I am glad to share it with everyone. Please check out my video below to find out how you can order the best sandwich from Subway!


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