Who Is This Awesome Guy?

Hello, everyone, my name is Jonathan LaCovara and welcome to my blog! This blog is going to be about my personal life as well as my bowling career which has come very far, and since I am an IT guy, there will be cropped-13330942_1216967758336421_9118661551524889352_n.jpgsome technology news. I always love talking about technology and bowling so what better way to speak about these exciting things than to create a blog. I am also a huge NY Rangers fan, so occasionally you will see some posts about some games. So without further to do, here is a little background on myself.

I am currently 20 years old and entering my last year of college, finally! I was born and raised in Astoria, New York which is in the northern part of Queens. If anyone does not know where that is, there is a photo on the side. My header photo is alsastoriao a picture of the Triboro Bridge taken from the Astoria Blvd Subway Station (it was renamed the “RFK Bridge”), but I still call it the Triboro Bridge because it links three boroughs, Queens, Manhattan, and The Bronx. I love this neighborhood, and I could have not asked for a better life living here, it has prepared me in so many ways and shaped me into the man I am today.

For 18 years which has been most of my life, I have been doing one activity which has also helped shaped me, given me confidence, and helped me when times were tough and that is Bowling. Bowling is my sport (that’s right it’s a sport) and if you don’t believe me try bowling 15 games in one week and then come back to me. It takes up most of my free time, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I have met so many amazing people along the way, I am involved in three money leagues as well as two professional team organizations, they are called the Underground Bowling Association and The Bowling Federation. Check them out links are below, they are cool and very competitive. A photo of my Federation team is included, unfortunately, I was not at the match because I was sick that was the night we won the 2015 Northeast Federation Championship and claimed the $20,000 top prize. I just have to thank my mom for getting me involved in this sport. She was the one who placed my older brother and me in a league after school on Fridays at three years old. At three years old I never knew I would come this far in the sport.13265951_1212475828785614_533190861560612649_n

But enough about bowling a little more about me. I go to St. Francis College, in Brooklyn, NY majoring in Information Technology. I also work in their IT department, I am very fortunate to have this job, it helps me gain experience and gives me a foot in the door that most people don’t have. The field of IT is very complex, there are so many areas to go into, I either want to go into Networking, Support Services, or End User System Training. I would also like to become a professor one day, maybe teach one class one night a week and give my knowledge to other students looking to get into the field of computers.

At this point, you are probably looking at my title of the blog and wondering who or what is “Jongo.” It is a nickname that my family has been calling me for about three years. It is a very funny story by the way, and I am going to share it with you. When I graduated from high school I got a little part time job working in a pizzeria/restaurant in my neighborhood, and the name is Alba’s. I no longer work there, but it is a great place to go to and enjoy fantastic Italian food. When I would go into the kitchen the guys would always call me Jongo, I just assumed they never got my name correct. I would then go home and tell everyone that the chefs keep calling me Jongo, the next thing I know my mom starts calling me by that name along with my brother, and now my now two-year-old second cousin is even calling me by that name. It has stuck with me ever since. I later found out that the chefs were not calling me Jongo, they were calling me Congo, which translates to “little red head monkey.” It’s a funny story but now that nickname if you call it has become a part of me.

So, that’s a little background of who I am and why I have created this blog. I believe it will believe it will be an awesome journey, and I hope you guys come along for the ride.


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